About JAISIN Insurance Solutions


JAISIN’s core mission is to continue to evolve an industry dating back well over 1,000 years; not by re-inventing the wheel, but by leveraging existing technologies and platforms to lower the cost and simplify the consumer experience of purchasing insurance products. JAISIN’s team executes this mission with efficient precision by:

  • Valuing and keeping their commitments
  • Emphasizing transparency in every transaction
  • Providing exceptional service for every client
  • Making the risk management process easy to understand and
  • Creating risk management programs tailored to the unique wants and needs of all their clients and
  • Bringing in new and more intuitive technological platforms that continue to improve the process of purchasing for the consumer and maintaining the relationship for the advisor.


What separates JAISIN Insurance Solutions from its competitors is its strategy of embracing existing technologies to fill in the significant coverage gaps in the insurance world. Most smaller insurance brokerages only work within one state, and larger firms zero in on larger enterprises and the “ultra” high-net-worth individual market. This leaves a significant void in the insurance market for high-net-worth individuals with multiple properties, assets, and companies. This is especially frustrating for people who live in and operate their businesses in more than one state or country. They are unable to work with the smaller brokerages because they need coverage across many different geographical areas, and the larger brokerages ignore them in favor of larger corporations. This market is especially close to Jason’s heart because during his time as a CEO and owner of multiple companies, he was frustrated by the lack of insurance options and risk management solutions available to him.


Jason’s frustration from his experience of trying to get coverage for his companies and assets morphed into the idea to solve this oversight in the industry himself. With his experience in technology start-ups and the capital markets, combined with Jennifer’s years of insurance advisor experience, the siblings built an insurance advising firm catering to groups with complex insurance needs with a technology-forward approach. This boutique advisory model allows Jason and Jennifer to leverage their experience with businesses and high-net-worth individuals to provide sophisticated coverage without sacrificing their client-first approach. The technology and systems they utilize allow their clients a more transparent process and superior overall user experience, creating a higher rate of client retention when the time comes for policy renewals. This passion to go above and beyond what their clients believe is possible drives their team to continue to excel.

Today, JAISIN is a boutique insurance and risk advisory firm providing services and solutions to clients both nationally in the U.S. and internationally. JAISIN focuses on presenting their clients intelligent and informed solutions, providing exceptional service by every team member, revolutionizing the platinum standard in user experience and client satisfaction by employing powerful existing technologies, and acting as a central hub for communication with their clients, no matter their risk management and insurance needs.

JAISIN sells on service, every time.

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