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Why You Need Private Client Insurance Solutions

High-net-worth individuals have spent a lot of time amassing their wealth and building their businesses. This is also an area where traditional insurance strategies can fall short of providing enough coverage to cover all of their assets. If you aren’t sure that your current insurance and risk management strategies are providing enough coverage for your considerable assets, then read our guide on private client solutions below.

Jason Bishara

What Your Business Needs To Know About Outsourced Risk Management Solutions

If your company invests $50,000 or more each year to protect your business with insurance, then you need a risk manager. You could hire one in-house, but that could end up costing your business big time in a competitive salary and benefits. But what if you could have all the benefits of an experienced risk manager without the high cost of hiring one? Read our guide on outsourcing your risk management planning and how to get started.

Jason Bishara
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How to Lower the Cost of My Commercial Auto Policy

If your business depends on vehicles for its daily operations, then you already know you need to have commercial auto insurance coverage. Whether you own a construction company or operate a food truck, your commercial auto policy can be a lifesaver in case of an accident with its collision and liability coverage. But as your business grows, so can your commercial car premiums! Read our how-to guide and learn how you can score significant savings on your policy.

Jason Bishara

How to Lower the Cost of My Workers Compensation

There is nothing worse for a business than an accident at your workplace that results in an employee injury. Not only are you concerned for your worker’s health, but you’re also worried about the liability and financial consequences for your business. This scenario is why workers compensation insurance is so important for your business. If you want to learn how to lower your workers compensation cost, read our comprehensive guide to save money.

Jason Bishara

The All-important Role Insurance Plays in Wealth Preservation

By Steven H. Goodman, CPA, MBA – President & Chief Executive Officer of SHG Planning

As an estate planner and business succession specialist, I’ve been advising high-net-worth individuals on how to protect their assets since the early ‘90s. Some simply want life insurance along with quality long-term care and disability insurance. Others need a more comprehensive program –– one that includes estate and succession planning ––to protect their family and/or their business. What they all have in common is that they’re looking for ways to preserve their assets, as well as have a plan in place to pass them down when the time comes.   

Steven Goodman
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Must-Read Guide to Business Insurance

This Q&A covers such things as what a business owners policy is, whether business insurance covers lawsuits and how to get business insurance. While business insurance is not required in all states, it is the best way to protect your company against the many “what ifs” that could happen.

Jason Bishara
Protect Your House

What’s Your Florida Homeowner’s Insurance Agent Done for You Lately?

You just received your Florida homeowner’s insurance policy renewal. If you’re like most Florida homeowners, you put off opening it for a day or two, because you know your rates have probably gone up.   Why is that? You’ve never filed a claim for as long as you’ve owned your home, or if you did, it was years ago. But, every year you get a little (most likely) a BIG bump – anywhere from a 5 to 12 percent increase in your premium.

Learn More About Homeowners Insurance In Florida

Jason Bishara
Public D & O Insurance 101 for Directors and Officers

Public D&O Insurance 101 for Directors and Officers Guide

Public Directors & Officers Liability insurance, also known as D&O insurance, is as multifaceted as it is essential for small- to medium-sized organizations. While the following guide covers the high points of these extremely specialized policies for public companies, it is important to note that D&O coverage is vital for private and nonprofit organizations as well.

Click To Read Our Public Directors and Officers Insurance Guide

Jason Bishara
Best FLorida Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Best Florida Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

The best way to protect people and property during Florida’s storm season is to know as much as possible about hurricanes and how to prepare for them. That’s why we’ve put together this hurricane preparedness guide. It’s jam-packed with helpful hints and facts, including the most common terms used by weather forecasters; lists of basic supplies; steps to secure your home; what to do during a power outage; and much more. Our goal is to help you weather the storm safely with as little stress as possible.

Read Our Florida Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Jason Bishara
Directors and officers liability insurance coverage

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Coverage: Coronavirus Strikes First, Shareholder Lawsuits Come Second. Are You Personally Protected?

Are you an executive, officer or director of a public company under $300 million in market cap?  If so, the odds are pretty good that you just lost significant market value due to the Coronavirus and are in crisis mode.  But another crisis could be looming –– your company and personal liability exposure. The question is: Do you have directors and officers liability insurance coverage to prevent the worst case?

Learn More About Directors and Officers Liability During COVID-19

Jason Bishara
small to medium sized business guide

The Small to Medium-Sized Business Guide to the CARES Act 

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economical Security (CARES) Act is a multibillion dollar loan program for small businesses, including 501(c)(3) nonprofits and physician practices. The CARES Act is an economic stimulus package, not a bailout. Its primary function is to assist small to medium-sized businesses by fueling them with capital and providing other forms of economic relief such as debt forgiveness.

Read Our Guide To The CARES Act For Businesses

Jason Bishara
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