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Business insurance covers a wide range of enterprises and organizations – from the local business owner to private, public and nonprofit national and international organizations. Each has different risks, yet similar assets, including employees, buildings and property that need to be protected from the unexpected. The best, if not the only way to do this, is to insure them.

However, there’s a big difference between having coverage and having the correct coverage. At JAISIN, we’re interested in providing customized solutions to all your business insurance needs – property and casualty, general liability, cyber– crime, worker’s comp, D&O, E&O, fiduciary. Protect what’s yours. Contact JAISIN today.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial businesses have more to think about when it comes to insurance coverage, especially when you’re in the small to mid-size range. Depending on your business, you may need at minimum property, general liability, and worker’s comp insurance policies. Working with insurance advisors who understand all of the challenges of your business saves you not only money on your premiums, but time spent doing all of the research yourself. Click on the link below to learn more about our commercial product lines.

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Property & Casualty

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Product Liability

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Employee Benefits

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Worker's Compensation

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Commercial Auto

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Garage Liability

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Outsourced Risk

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General Liability

Jason A. Bishara

Jason A. Bishara

President, CEO

“Our name, JAISIN Insurance Solutions, says it all. Our key differentiator is not how many plans we sell. It’s how many risk management challenges we solve for our clients.”

Management Liability Insurance

If your company is publicly traded, privately traded, or a nonprofit, then your board members will need management liability insurance (e.g. D&O, E&O, fiduciary, etc.). The team at JAISIN has personal and professional experience in management liability insurance, and understands how to bundle the best insurance carriers to create the best coverage solutions without paying a platinum price. Click below to learn more about our management liability insurance products and how we can help your business find the right coverage.

Professional and Financial Practice Liability Insurance

Simply by providing their services, professionals (e.g., accountants, attorneys, investment advisors, consultants) expose themselves to risk and financial losses every day. Because our advisors have years of experience in this market, we understand the kind of insurance coverage required to protect your personal assets and your practice from liabilities that arise from advising others. That, and our strong network of carriers, gives us an edge when creating professional insurance programs that deliver broad, cost-effective coverage. Click below for professional and financial practice liability insurance product lines.

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Errors & Omissions (E&O)

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Directors & Officers (D&O)

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Fiduciary Liability

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Commercial Crime

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Employment Practices

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Outsourced Risk

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Legal Practice

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Accounting Practice

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Public Company

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Cyber Risk


JAISIN, an independent insurance company that provides business insurance coverage, leverages a proprietary due diligence process that results in better coverage at the best possible price.

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