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Comprehensive Insurance Solutions for Public Companies in Florida, Other Select States, and Countries

Best Coverage, Lowest Price

JAISIN Insurance Solutions has been providing comprehensive insurance solutions to publicly traded companies in Florida* and throughout the United States for years. The secret to our success (and consequently our clients) is our high-level of expertise in personal asset protection along with our ability to combine all your company’s insurance products into one custom package.

On the operational side, you need to protect your business from third-party claims arising from bodily injury, property damage and personal injury. On the management side, you need to protect the personal assets and future earnings of your executive management team and board of directors from service- and advisory-related decisions. Not having the correct business coverage on either side can have serious repercussions to your customers, your management and advisory teams, and your company’s bottom line and reputation.

Operational Coverage

Management Liability Coverage (Personal Asset Protection)

Making sure you have enough of the correct D&O/E&O coverage is essential. That’s why it’s important to work with an insurance advisor who specializes in management liability products. Purchasing your D&O/E&O policies from the same agent who sells you your general liability coverage could leave you seriously unprotected.

The safer and smarter solution is to let us tailor a D&O plan specifically to your company’s needs and then have us add your other insurance products (e.g., E&O, EPL, fiduciary, cyber, crime, general liability and worker’s comp). This combining of coverage not only results in one premium rather than several, it also saves you money. As always, our first and foremost objective is to help you protect what’s yours.

What Gives JAISIN the Edge on Customized Insurance Coverage for Your Public Company?

JAISIN, an independent, full-service insurance company that provides customized insurance packages to public companies like yours, uses the following five-step approach to ensure you get the broadest coverage at the most cost-effective price.


We SOLVE your personal, commercial, management and/or professional
insurance needs with tailor-made coverage.


We OFFER a clear description of your exposure so the underwriter can assess your risk appropriately.


We LEARN all there is to know about your insurance requirements.


We USE the latest technology and data aggregation tools to simplify data collection.


We take TIME to review your existing policies to ensure you have correct. coverage.


We INCLUDE your peace of mind in every decision we make.


We ORGANIZE data collected and shop the market for competing quotes from several carriers.


We NEGOTIATE on your behalf to secure the best terms.


We SEARCH for money-saving discounts.

Have We Got a Plan for You!

Contact JAISIN Insurance Solutions today and have one of our experienced insurance advisors develop a plan that saves you money and is tailored to your specific needs.

If you already have insurance and simply want to make sure you have the correct coverage at the best price, let us know. We’re happy to review your existing policies, at no cost to you.