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JAISIN Insurance Solutions has the Best Commercial Auto Insurance for Your Business in Florida

Best Coverage, Lowest Price

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Jason A. Bishara

President, CEO

“Our name, JAISIN Insurance Solutions, says it all. Our key differentiatior is not how many plans we sell. It’s how many risk management challenges we solve for our clients.”

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If your small to mid-size Florida* business uses a car, SUV, truck or other motor vehicles for work-related activities, it is essential that you have commercial car insurance. Commercial auto insurance provides a combination of liability protection and physical damage (theft, flood, fire, vandalism) coverage to vehicles owned, maintained or used for your business.


Contact JAISIN Insurance Solutions today and have one of our insurance advisors develop a commercial car insurance plan that is tailored to your specific small or mid-size Florida business.

If you already have commercial auto insurance and simply want to make sure you have the correct coverage at the best price, let us know. We’re happy to review your existing policy, at no cost to you.

Commercial Auto Insurance

It can also provide financial and legal protection for bodily injury or death to employees and anyone else you let use a company vehicle. Plus, commercial auto insurance typically includes non-owned and hired car coverage to protect you against loss by vehicles used in your Florida business that are not owned by you.


Although our core client base is small to mid-size companies, our insight and years of experience with commercial insurance plans translate to large firms as well.

Commercial Auto  Insurance FAQ

Get answers to common commercial auto insurance questions

What is commercial car insurance?

Commercial car insurance is coverage for all the vehicles used by your business. This includes equipment like forklifts and bulldozers, as well as delivery and food trucks, taxis, and company cars. Commercial car insurance includes collision and liability coverage on all of your commercial vehicles.

How much does commercial car insurance cost?

Your individual costs for commercial car insurance will vary on how much coverage you need, how many vehicles you need covered, and where your business is located. On average, businesses will pay between $900 and $1,200 for $1 million of coverage per vehicle.

What is the difference between business and commercial car insurance?

Business car insurance only covers vehicles in normal traffic activities, such as commuting to meetings or driving into work. It does not cover specialized equipment that you use for your business, such as construction equipment or delivery trucks. You need commercial insurance to cover the vehicles that fuel your business.

What Gives JAISIN the Edge on Commercial Auto Insurance for Your Florida Business?

JAISIN, an independent, full-service insurance company that provides commercial car insurance, uses the following five-step approach to ensure you get the broadest commercial auto insurance coverage at the most cost-effective price.
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