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Best Commercial Crime Insurance for Your Business Liability and Protection Needs in Florida and Other Select States
Highest Coverage, Lowest Cost

Protect yourself and your business from financial losses due to employee or non-employee illegal acts with a commercial crime plan.

As a small to mid-size business owner and employer, you want to believe your employees are honest and trustworthy. Sometimes they’re not. Financial losses incurred from employee crime range from theft and forgery to robbery and electronic crime. Criminal acts from the outside include forgery or alteration of business checks, hacking of your computer system that affects fund transfers and the receipt of counterfeit currency, to name a few.

It’s important to understand the difference between commercial crime insurance and cyber insurance. Crime insurance generally covers a direct loss of funds from employee theft or social engineering; whereas, cyber insurance plans typically cover your business’s liability due to a data breach. Depending on your business, you may need both.

Although our core client base is small to mid-size companies, our insight and years of experience with commercial insurance plans translate to large firms as well.

What is generally covered?

  • Employee theft.
  • Forgery.
  • Fraudulent computer and fund transfers.
  • Theft of client property.

What is generally not covered?

  • Accounting errors.
  • Actions of you or those of your partners.
  • Fines and penalties.
  • Legal expenses.
  • Liabilities due to crime-related losses.
  • Specific occupations.
man dressed in hoodie with dark background, face is not visible, Best Commercial Crime Insurance for Your Business Liability and Protection Needs in Florida and Other Select States

What Gives JAISIN the Edge on Commercial Crime Insurance for Your Florida Business?

JAISIN, an independent, full-service insurance company that provides crime insurance for small to mid-size businesses, uses the following five-step approach to ensure you get the broadest coverage at the most cost-effective price.


We SOLVE your personal, commercial, management and/or professional
insurance needs with tailor-made coverage.


We OFFER a clear description of your exposure so the underwriter can assess your risk appropriately.


We LEARN all there is to know about your insurance requirements.


We USE the latest technology and data aggregation tools to simplify data collection.


We take TIME to review your existing policies to ensure you have correct. coverage.


We INCLUDE your peace of mind in every decision we make.


We ORGANIZE data collected and shop the market for competing quotes from several carriers.


We NEGOTIATE on your behalf to secure the best terms.


We SEARCH for money-saving discounts.

Have We Got a Plan for You!

Contact JAISIN Insurance Solutions today and have one of our crime insurance advisors develop a plan that saves you money and is tailored to your specific small or mid-size Florida business.

If you already have crime insurance and simply want to make sure you have the correct coverage at the best price, let us know. We’re happy to review your existing policy, at no cost to you.