If you’re considering purchasing commercial property and liability insurance, read this short Q&A to find out how the correct coverage can protect – and potentially save – your business.

What Is Commercial Property and Liability Coverage?

Commercial property and liability coverage protects your company’s property and contents against losses from theft, accidents, hurricanes and other events. It even covers loss of income, and medical payments, legal expenses and settlement costs if someone gets hurt due to your business operations or products.

What Is Workers’ Compensation Coverage?

Workers’ compensation covers medical expenses and a portion of lost wages for employees who are injured or become ill on the job. Workers’ comp insurance also provides for employee rehabilitation and death benefits. All businesses with employees are required by law to carry workers’ compensation coverage.

What Does Commercial Property and Liability Insurance Cover?

Commercial property and liability insurance covers your business for

  • damage or loss of property, buildings, signage and other physical assets such as inventory, equipment, fixtures, supplies and furniture.
  • Costs to repair or replace property and equipment, even when it’s not yours, are also covered.

Who Needs Commercial Property and Liability Coverage?

You need commercial property and liability coverage to protect your business from fire, natural disasters, accidents caused by your operations or products, as well as any injuries that might occur on your premises. Without the correct commercial insurance coverage, you could be out of pocket for repairs or even lose your business.

How Do I Get Commercial Property and Liability Insurance?

Now that you’ve decided to get commercial property and liability insurance, it’s important to pick a provider who understands the marketplace and insures other businesses. The commercial property and liability advisors at JAISIN assess your risks, shop the market for competing quotes from several carriers and negotiate on your behalf.


Could you afford to repair or replace your business structure and other physical assets damaged in a fire or storm? What if a customer is injured on your property, or an employee makes a mistake that costs a client money? Events like these can cost tens of thousands – if not millions – in lost revenue, medical and legal fees. Investing in commercial property and liability insurance is one of the smartest decisions you can make.

To make sure you get the exact coverage you need to protect your business, your employees and your future, it’s important to work with insurance advisors, like the ones at JAISIN, who specialize in commercial property and liability insurance. They will find the most comprehensive, cost-effective coverage for your business and advise you on how to manage your risks to help you remain claim-free.

Commercial property and liability insurance is a small investment for the peace of mind and protection the correct coverage provides. Click or call JAISIN Insurance Solutions today and talk with one of our commercial property and liability insurance advisors.

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