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Make the Most of Small Business Saturday

The Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend is Small Business Saturday – a day when consumers are specifically encouraged to support their local communities by shopping at independently owned businesses.

American Express founded Small Business Saturday in 2010 to help businesses get more customers. The next year, the United States Senate unanimously passed a resolution supporting Small Business Saturday, and it’s grown into a bigger and more anticipated event each year since then.

Jason Bishara
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Trending: CEOs Lose Sleep Over Cyber Risks

By now, hopefully every business is familiar with the concepts of email, text and phone call scams, multi-factor authentication, and cyber monitoring. Those are cyber basics for any company that uses the internet. But hackers make a living out of breaking in and getting around network protections. And it’s worrying CEOs.

Cyber risk has been one of company executives’ top 3 concerns for years, but the will to secure networks, communications, financials and operational systems has been lacking. This has led to major failures at utility and shipping companies, as well as insurers, pharmacies, retailers and financial services providers. There is hardly any industry that hasn’t been hit — and hit hard. Here are the main weaknesses, and what to do about them.

Jason Bishara
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Benefits of a Commercial Package Policy vs. a Business Owners Policy

Businesses typically need general liability and property insurance, so many business owners opt in when presented with a business owners program (BOP). It’s straightforward and offers bundled discounts, but it doesn’t provide much wiggle room.

Like a “no substitutions” lunch special, you take what you get and find yourself dressing up the bland parts with a side dish (which adds to the bill). Suddenly your lunch special isn’t such a deal. The same goes for a BOP. Insuring business risk exposure can get tricky – and expensive – especially when your risk exposure doesn’t fit in the box.

If your risk liability spills over the usual lines, you might be better off going for a commercial package policy (CPP) for better insurance coverage, customization and overall savings.

Jason Bishara
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Are You Getting the Most Protection Out of Your Renters and Auto Policies?

A multicar pileup is traced back to your vehicle as the root cause of the accident. An ill-timed social media comment sparks a viral defamation backlash. You have a party at your apartment and, unbeknownst to you, the punch was spiked – one of the underaged guests gets in a car accident while driving home.

Any of these situations can land you on the hook for a major lawsuit. Innocent or not, you’re playing defense in court. Your existing insurance helps with legal fees, but the price to defend yourself can quickly exhaust a typical $100,000 renters insurance policy. When the policy limits are met, it’s cut-bait time. You don’t want to be floating alone with your policy limits exhausted as the sharks circle.

Adding a personal umbrella policy can help to keep you protected and afloat in a dire situation. Find out how an umbrella policy could save you money, increase limits across multiple policies and broaden your coverage.

Jason Bishara
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What Is Environmental Insurance?

Growing awareness of the serious, long-term effects of pollution, increased regulatory scrutiny and legal liability have created a demand for environmental insurance. Also known as environmental impairment liability and pollution liability, environmental insurance pays for claims related to the release of pollutants, including bodily injury, property damage, cleanup and business interruption.

This insurance came about as a result of the environmental movement. In the 1970s, Congress passed a series of major bills aimed at conservation, protection, recovery and pollution liability. Landmark laws included the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), known as the Superfund Act.

Jason Bishara
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Do You Have a Golf Cart? Make Sure It’s Insured

Do you drive your golf cart to the neighborhood store, a friend’s house, your child’s school — anywhere other than a golf course? If you answered yes, chances are you need insurance for your golf cart.

Golf cart insurance is required by some states and homeowner associations (HOAs). Even if it isn’t required where you live, it’s still a good idea to have coverage in case it’s damaged, stolen or involved in an accident.

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Insuring Your Biotech Company: The Right Coverage For Life Science Businesses

Life science and biotechnology companies face particular risks while operating their business. Between bodily injury claims during a clinical trial or interruptions during manufacturing, finding the right biotech insurance can feel daunting at best. But not to worry, we’ve compiled a complete guide on biotech insurance and exactly what coverage you need right now.

Jason Bishara
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What To Look For In Commercial General Liability Insurance

Almost every business operating today needs some sort of liability coverage. Whether you own a small donut shop or run a multi-million dollar car rental corporation, without liability coverage you are wide open for potential lawsuits and extraordinary legal fees. Read our guide on commercial general liability insurance and how it can protect your company from potential disaster.

Jason Bishara
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How To Protect Your Collectibles

It doesn’t matter if you collect fine art worth millions or vintage comic books worth a few thousand, you need to be sure your collection is protected. Read our guide on insuring and protecting your special collections; you’ll learn what may already be covered under your existing insurance policies and what you need collectible insurance to protect.

Jason Bishara
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Cyber Insurance: A Guide On Protecting Your Data

It comes as no surprise to any business owner that the commercial landscape is becoming more firmly rooted in the digital landscape. But what may surprise business owners is how their current risk management strategy leaves them vulnerable to significant financial loss from a malware attack. Read our guide on cyber security and data breach insurance, and learn how to protect your bottom line in the case of a digital data breach.

Jason Bishara
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Directors And Officers Insurance: What You Need To Know

Being a corporate or nonprofit board member or director comes with its own unique set of challenges and liability risks. That’s why D&O insurance coverage is so important; it protects executives and directors from personal loss due to a lawsuit. Read our comprehensive guide below on why you need D&O coverage for your company or organization.

Jason Bishara

Do You Have The Right RV Insurance?

Recreational vehicle (RV) coverage can seem like a tricky area in insurance. Does my homeowner’s insurance cover my RV or camper? What exactly does RV insurance cover? Read our guide below to learn what you need to know about RV coverage and how to be sure you have the right coverage.

Jason Bishara

Experts Predict An Unusually Active 2021 Hurricane Season. Are You Prepared?

If a global pandemic and economic downturn wasn’t enough for the past year, the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season is predicted to be more active than usual. There is good news though: meteorologists don’t anticipate as many storms as we saw in 2020. But are you, your family, and your business prepared for the incoming storms? Read on to learn how you can get ready now and protect what’s important to you.

Jason Bishara

Why Your Business Needs Errors & Omissions Insurance

It’s crucial that your business is covered against liability for any situation. You need to look beyond property and casualty or workers compensation coverage; you need to protect your bottom line against mistakes made by you or your employees. This is where errors and omissions, or E&O, insurance comes in. Read our guide on E&O insurance and learn how to protect your company against mistakes that could cost you big.

Jason Bishara

Why You Need Private Client Insurance Solutions

High-net-worth individuals have spent a lot of time amassing their wealth and building their businesses. This is also an area where traditional insurance strategies can fall short of providing enough coverage to cover all of their assets. If you aren’t sure that your current insurance and risk management strategies are providing enough coverage for your considerable assets, then read our guide on private client solutions below.

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What Your Business Needs To Know About Outsourced Risk Management Solutions

If your company invests $50,000 or more each year to protect your business with insurance, then you need a risk manager. You could hire one in-house, but that could end up costing your business big time in a competitive salary and benefits. But what if you could have all the benefits of an experienced risk manager without the high cost of hiring one? Read our guide on outsourcing your risk management planning and how to get started.

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How to Lower the Cost of My Workers Compensation

There is nothing worse for a business than an accident at your workplace that results in an employee injury. Not only are you concerned for your worker’s health, but you’re also worried about the liability and financial consequences for your business. This scenario is why workers compensation insurance is so important for your business. If you want to learn how to lower your workers compensation cost, read our comprehensive guide to save money.

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a group of business people sitting on a table, Must-Read Guide to Business Insurance, JAISIN Insurance Solutions

Must-Read Guide to Business Insurance

This Q&A covers such things as what a business owners policy is, whether business insurance covers lawsuits and how to get business insurance. While business insurance is not required in all states, it is the best way to protect your company against the many “what ifs” that could happen.

Jason Bishara
Public D & O Insurance 101 for Directors and Officers

Public D&O Insurance 101 for Directors and Officers Guide

Public Directors & Officers Liability insurance, also known as D&O insurance, is as multifaceted as it is essential for small- to medium-sized organizations. While the following guide covers the high points of these extremely specialized policies for public companies, it is important to note that D&O coverage is vital for private and nonprofit organizations as well.

Click To Read Our Public Directors and Officers Insurance Guide

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