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An “Independent Advisor” is an individual or group who advises High-Net-Worth Families on financial, legal, and operational matters.

  • Accountant

  • Financial Advisor

  • Independent Financial Advisor

  • Insurance Advisor - Breakaway

  • Real Estate Professional

  • Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)

  • Independent Advisor Representative (IAR)

  • Family Office

Independent Advisor Solutions (IAS) is a solution that empowers Independent Advisors to leverage insurance to:

  • Enhance Generational Transfer/Retention

  • Improve on Client Retention

  • Increase Revenue

  • Protect AUM from unknown client liabilities

  • Raise more capital from existing clients

  • Increase referrals from clients


The IA has built a career on protecting their client’s assets from market risks.  In many cases, the IA refers their clients to risk management and insurance experts to ensure their clients net worth is properly insulated from all risks.  The IA has referred his client to an insurance advisor as a service, but the IA  retains none of the benefits runs the risk of his client not being serviced correctly.

By partnering with JAISIN and the IAS solution the IA has the ability to maintain complete control over the client relationship while reaping all of the benefits and rewards the service provides.

The IAS solution is an integrated white labeled solution. The entire client experience is the IA’s and insurance operations, management and back-office are controlled by JAISIN. 


Enhance Generational Transfer/Retention:

When providing JAISIN Private Client Solution there is significant communication with family members.  Every time a family member reaches out to add a new vehicle or purchase a new home there is an opportunity to expand on the relationship and bond.

Improve on Client Retention:

When providing any form of risk management solution there is  significant communication with the client.  Increasing client touchpoints is paramount to client retention.   Additionally, the more services you provide to the client the more difficult it is for them to leave. 

Increase Revenue:

SAOS is a direct partnership with JAISIN where JAISIN owns sixty percent of the business and the SA owns forty percent.  This enable the SA to participate in the profits of the business and the enterprise value as well.

Protect AUM from unknown client liabilities:

f the SA is not currently ensuring appropriate risk managements are in place for their clients their AUM could be exposed to a liability exposure of one of their clients. 

Raise more capital from existing clients:

When an SA advises their client to review their exposures the SA obtains a clear picture of the clients assets which can lead to additional opportunities. 

Increase referrals from clients:

It is much easier and more likely for a client to refer a friend to his High-Net-Worth insurance advisor than his financial advisor.


JAISIN Independent Advisor Solutions qualifications a subjective.  Ultimately, The Advisors practice must:

  • Have a concentration of HNW Families

  • Have a ten-year operating history

  • Be willing to invest the time and capital to developing the IAS vertical


The relationship is structured as a partnership in a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC).  Sixty percent of the corporation is owned by JAISIN Insurance Solutions and Forty percent is structured at the IA’s discretion. 


IA Responsibilities

  • Form an LLC

  • Fund the LLC with initial start-up costs

  • Willing to invest the time and capital necessary to develop the IAS vertical

JAISIN Responsibilities

  • Provide all technology and functional infrastructure

  • Corporate Governance

  • Licensure

  • Manage all day-to- P&C Private Client Operations