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Insurance West U.S. – Personal, Commercial, Professional Liability Insurance

Best Coverage, Lowest Cost

a headshot of commercial lines leader Jason Bishara, JAISIN Insurance Solutions

Jason A. Bishara

President, CEO

“Our name, JAISIN Insurance Solutions, says it all. Our key differentiatior is not how many plans we sell. It’s how many risk management challenges we solve for our clients.”

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a headshot of personal lines leader Jennifer Bishara, JAISIN Insurance Solutions

Jennifer A. Bishara

Personal Lines Leader

“Going the extra mile is second nature to everyone at JAISIN. We strive to make all our client interactions as seamless and smooth as possible. We’re just a click or call away, 24/7.”

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What is the right insurance coverage for your lifestyle or business?

Do you feel limited by your local insurance advising options? You want someone who understands property insurance regulations in San Francisco or El Paso, but also someone who can help with risk management and liability insurance in Seattle or Portland. JAISIN Insurance Solutions is certified in every Western U.S. state, giving them the knowledge and flexibility to create the perfect coverage solutions no matter what your situation.

Because we are a global insurance advisory firm, our priorities are providing comprehensive insurance policies, a central contact so you’re never far from the answers you need, and all with the amazing and impeccable service you would expect from a first-class company. It doesn’t matter if you need a little or a lot of insurance; we have the right, cost-effective solution for you. If you need it covered, JAISIN has the answer.

Personal Insurance

You deserve the best coverage for your home, your car, and especially your family. No one knows what tomorrow may bring, but working for 15 years in the personal insurance world, we know how to make sure you’re not worrying about tomorrow today. Our insurance advisors will sit down with you and customize the perfect insurance blend of coverage and cost to fit your lifestyle. Please click on the link below to take a look at all of our personal insurance lines we offer.

Commercial Insurance

Small and mid-size businesses are facing a hurdle in the insurance industry: they’re too small for commercial insurance brokers to work with, but they still need adequate coverage to protect their businesses and employees. At JAISIN, we excel at providing answers and insurance coverage for all types of businesses. It doesn’t matter if you’re a restaurant owner or a printer, you need to be sure you can count on your general liability, property, and worker’s comp insurance. Our advisors will go above and beyond to ensure that you are thoroughly protected no matter what your industry, and with the service you would expect from a global enterprise. Click on the link below to learn more about our commercial insurance lines and how we can save you money in just a few clicks.

Management Liability Insurance

Every publicly or privately traded company or nonprofit needs to be confident in their management liability insurance. Whether you need E&O, D&O, or fiduciary liability insurance, we have the right solution for you. Our years of working in the corporate world gives us the edge over other firms who have only sold management liability insurance but never needed it themselves. Our team of advisors will work with you on coverage needs and budget to be sure that as you’re growing your company, your insurance is never on your to-do list again. Click below to see our management liability insurance products and to get in touch to start saving money today.

Professional & Financial Practice Liability Insurance

Is your current risk management strategy keeping you awake at night? Are you afraid that you don’t have enough insurance coverage, or you’re paying too much for what you actually need? Professionals, including investment advisors, consultants, attorneys, accountants, etc., need to always be aware of the risks in their business, but it shouldn’t leave you tossing and turning. You can get the perfect coverage without spending an arm and a leg with JAISIN and their team of experienced insurance advisors. With our expansive network of carriers, we can help your business run better and help you sleep better at night. Click on the link below and take a look at all of our professional and financial practice insurance lines today.

Protect What's Yours

First and foremost, JAISIN’s mission is to protect the wealth and future earnings of our clients. Our advisors are familiar with exactly what’s involved in safeguarding the personal and commercial assets of homeowners and business owners in the Northeast. You can count on us to provide innovative insurance solutions to protect your assets and then to negotiate on your behalf for the broadest coverage at the most cost-effective price. The end result: Peace of mind wherever you are.
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