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Jason A. Bishara

Jason A. Bishara

President, CEO

“Our name, JAISIN Insurance Solutions, says it all. Our key differentiator is not how many plans we sell. It’s how many risk management challenges we solve for our clients.”

Organizations face risk every day. So, how do you protect your business from the dozens of possible liability claims out there? To start, talk with an insurance advisor like JAISIN who specializes in E&O liability coverage.

Making sure your company has enough of the correct E&O insurance coverage to protect your company’s assets and future earnings is essential. That’s why it’s important to work with a business insurance advisor who specializes in E&O liability insurance products. Purchasing a policy from the same agent who sells you your general liability coverage could leave you seriously unprotected.

Have We Got a Plan for You!

Contact JAISIN Insurance Solutions today and have one of our E&O liability insurance advisors develop a customized plan that saves you money and is tailored to your specific needs.

If you already have E&O liability insurance and simply want to make sure you have the correct coverage at the best price, let us know. We’re happy to review your existing policy, at no cost to you.


The safer and smarter solution is to start with an E&O plan tailored to your company’s needs and then add your other insurance liability products (e.g., D&O, EPLI, fiduciary, cyber, crime, general liability and worker’s comp). The combining of management liability and commercial liability coverage is something we have experience with and highly recommend, because it results in fewer premiums and additional savings.


E&O liability insurance protects you and your business if a client sues for service-related negligent acts, errors or omissions that result in a financial loss. E&O helps cover financial loss, legal fees and defense costs, and settlements and judgments.


For years, we have provided E&O liability insurance to clients who have complex risk management needs. As always, our first and foremost objective is to help you protect what’s yours.

Errors & Omissions Insurance FAQ

Get answers to common errors & omissions insurance questions

What is E&O insurance?

Errors and omissions insurance, also known as E&O, is a specialized type of liability insurance that protects business owners from lawsuits claiming a mistake. E&O insurance pays the legal fees, judgments, and settlements involved with defending your business against a lawsuit.

How much is E&O insurance?

E&O coverage, depending on your business and how much coverage you need, can average about $700 annually. How much your business pays will depend on how much inherent risk there is in your industry, how much revenue your business produces, the number of employees, etc.

What does E&O insurance cover?

Errors and omissions insurance will cover the legal expenses for any lawsuit resulting from negligence, misrepresentation, inadequate work, or any other grievances from a dissatisfied customer. E&O insurance will pay your attorneys’ fees, settlements, or judgments, costs that could otherwise put a large dent in your business revenue.


JAISIN, an independent insurance company that provides E & O insurance coverage, leverages a proprietary due diligence process that results in better coverage at the best possible price.

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