Our History

Before founding the J. Albertson Group, Inc., the predecessor to JAISIN Insurance Solutions, Jason Albertson Bishara spent over 25 years as the owner of a boutique investment banking firm, and as the CEO of multiple companies specializing in Seed, Angel & Venture Capital, and the capital markets. In 2013, Mr. Bishara sold his stake in LinkedFA, a venture capital-backed advisor social network platform, and stepped down as CEO. The following year in 2014, Mr. Bishara founded the J. Albertson Group, Inc., a boutique risk management and insurance advisory.

When his sister, Jennifer Ann Bishara, joined the firm four years later in 2018, they decided to rebrand as JAISIN Insurance Solutions. Jennifer brought with her 15 years of experience in personal insurance lines, as well as expertise in management and production. This rebranding effort allowed the company to expand its digital presence and develop new growth strategies in the online space.

Together, the siblings narrowed in on their mutual frustrations with the insurance marketplace: an outdated strategy built on pushing products rather than taking advantage of huge technological advancements to make the process more transparent for consumers. Jason and Jennifer wanted to change the focus of the insurance industry from product-based to service-based, emphasizing a holistic approach to insurance advisory that simplifies how clients purchase and track their policies. They also wanted to be sure that no client or industry was left behind, including:


      • Risk management to officers and directors of public companies
      • Registered investment advisors
      • Professionals
      • Start-ups
      • Nonprofits
      • Venture-capital-backed companies
      • Private entities
      • Financial institutions and
      • Family offices and the high-net-worth individuals who operate them.
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