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Outsourced Risk Management Solutions (ORMS)
Outsourced Risk Management Solutions (ORMS) is a comprehensive risk management solution that removes the time burden of risk management from management teams.  

The ORMS Solution enables management teams to outsource the risk management function to qualified professionals. The risk management professionals operate as an extension of the company’s management team to negotiate insurance pricing and coverage terms for the company.  This structure provides the Company’s executives and board members with the most comprehensive coverage available at the lowest price.

This service is provided as a flat fee avoiding all brokerage commissions. In most cases the flat fee is considerably less than brokerage commissions.

The core focus of ORMS is to protect the personal assets of the Executives, Officers, Directors and Management teams from corporate liabilities.



Due Diligence and Data collection:

Direct communication with management to secure the necessary information to empower JASIN Insurance Solutions to negotiate with underwriters and secure the advantageous terms.  We leverage technology and data aggregation tools to simplify the data collection process.  Our process saves considerable time and is less of a burden on management.

Submission Creation:

JAISIN Insurance Solutions will take the data collected and structure the information in a manner that is preferred by the underwriters.  The goal is to paint a clear picture of your company so the underwriters can assess the risk appropriately.  Telling your story in the correct way and presenting your company in a manner that is advantageous to you is crucial in keeping pricing down.

Shopping the Market:

JAISIN Insurance Solutions operates as an extension of your company.  We will present your company to many carriers and shop the market.  Our goal is to receive several competing quotes from carriers. 


With several competing quotes in hand JAISIN Insurance Solutions will negotiate with the underwriters pushing one carrier against the other to achieve optimal coverage terms. 


JAISIN Insurance Solutions will present to you and/or your board detailing the most advantageous risk management plan and options considering both pricing and coverage. 


  • Comprehensive Protection from liability

  • Personal Asset Protection from Corporate Liabilities

  • Corporate Compliance / Governance

  • Removal of the Risk Management from management – freeing up time

  • Flat Fee Structure

  • BOD satisfaction/comfort