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JAISIN Insurance Solutions is the Top Aviation Insurance Company for Private Airplanes and Jets, Charter and Commercial Aircrafts Near You

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“Going the extra mile is second nature to everyone at JAISIN. We strive to make all our client interactions as seamless and smooth as possible. We’re just a click or call away, 24/7.”

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At JAISIN Insurance Solutions, we provide aviation insurance for private airplanes and jets, charter and commercial aircraft that covers airplanes whether they’re on the ground, in the hangar or inflight, along with the pilots and passengers onboard.


Contact JAISIN Insurance Solutions today and have us develop an insurance plan for your airplane that is tailored to your specific needs and saves you money.

If you already have aviation insurance and simply want to make sure you have enough of the correct coverage at the best price, let us know. We’re happy to review your existing policy, at no cost to you.

Aviation Insurance

Our aviation insurance advisors are well versed in aviation insurance regulations in Florida, numerous other states and countries.


Because our goal is to deliver personal insurance solutions for all your insurance needs and turn you into a lifelong client, we take time to get to know you. That way, the coverage we provide truly protects you, your assets and lifestyle.

Aviation insurance designed for your personal airplane or jet, charter or commercial aircraft is available for the following:

  • Aerial applications
  • Aircraft hull insurance
  • Antique and classic models
  • Aviation liability with worldwide coverage
  • Commercial operations/charters
  • Corporate aviation
  • Customs bonds
  • General liability
  • Helipad/Heliport liability
  • Light aviation
  • Worker’s compensation plans for pilots
Aviation Insurance

Aviation Insurance FAQ

Get answers to common aviation insurance questions

What is aviation insurance?

If you own a plane, you need to be sure you’re covered for damage and liability. You’ll want to be sure your policy includes coverage for property damage, external and internal aircraft damage, bodily injury, hull damage, and passenger liability. Many insurance companies may require documentation on your pilot’s training.

What does aviation insurance cover?

Aviation insurance provides liability coverage and coverage for property damage in the case of an accident in your personal aircraft. Different types of planes are covered by aviation insurance, including experimental, seaplanes, vintage, and standard personal aircraft. Additional insurance can be purchased to cover bodily injury or loss of life.

Is aviation insurance required for me to fly my plane?

There is no regulation either on the federal or state level that requires pilots have aviation insurance. However, the majority of FBOs (fixed-base operators) providing maintenance at airports will require you to have it. To protect yourself from potential legal liability, speak with an aviation insurance specialist about your options.

What Gives JAISIN the Edge on Aviation Insurance Coverage?

JAISIN, an independent insurance company that provides private airplanes and jets, charter and commercial aircraft insurance, uses a five-step approach to ensure you get the best aviation insurance coverage at the lowest rate. Each of our strategies is designed to save you time and provide you with the broadest coverage at the most cost-effective price.
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