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Property Casualty
Commercial Property Insurance
Commercial property insurance covers your buildings and the contents of those buildings -- including inventory, equipment and other assets -- in the event of a loss. This coverage is important for businesses because it provides protection against losses from theft, accidents and other causes. Premiums will vary depending on whether the policy reimburses the cost of replacing lost items or simply provide cash value of items at time of loss. Replacement cost coverage premiums will be higher, but may help a business get back to operating as normal more quickly.

Commercial Casualty Insurance
Commercial casualty -- or commercial liability -- coverage provides protection to a business against lawsuits for injury, property damage or negligence caused by the business. Most lenders and others with financial stake in a business require the business to have casualty coverage. Casualty insurance will protect a business if a customer gets hurt on the property. Examples would include a customer falling on a wet floor or something falling on a customer. The insurance would cover medical payments, legal expenses and settlement costs up to the limits of the plan.