The quote JAISIN gave us was really much more comprehensive than what we were used to. They really took the time and the trouble to make sure that we were adequately covered in all of the aspects that we needed. They saved us quite a bit of money, actually, on some things and we just really enjoy working with them. Nothing is too much trouble for them. We can get them with a click of a button, and you can go directly to them; they answer the phone, you don’t have to wait. If they are on a call, they call straight back, which is a really very good trait for an insurance broker to have.

Mark Immerman

President, Restaurant Warehouse

JAISIN is one of the few companies that I know I can trust to give me the answer regardless of if it’s the one I am looking for or if it’s not. I know they are not going to sugarcoat it; they are going to give it to me for real. Jason is just a smart guy, a sharp, all-around guy. I have worked with him from my previous career into my current career. I have always felt that if I gave Jason a call, that number one he is going to pick up and he is going to answer, which is not the norm, but always he is going to give me a true, clear, decisive decision based upon facts. They are knowledgeable guys, they know their business. The same way that I feel like I know pizza, I know JAISIN knows insurance solutions. They have helped me with numerous different kinds of insurance at this point, and they have always found a great solution for me that has benefited me. They have helped me grow because they say “You may not need this now, but you will need this in the future,” and I reply “Let’s table this for right now.” There have been plenty of times where I have come back and said, “Wow, I didn’t think about that but thank God you did!” That has been something that has been important to help us succeed.
Garrett Goodman

Owner, How Ya Dough’n

I was actually referred to JAISIN by a very close associate of mine, we had been shopping around for some different options. For us to be able to offer a certain level of protection to our partners, which is very important (and why we offer that product liability to all of our partners) it does not come down to just price with us. It is more about the relationship that is being established. Anytime we reach out to JAISIN, we typically either get an answer immediately or within 30 minutes,. Anytime we need flexibility on certain terms, they are there to help, so having that close relationship with the insurance advisor to us is very important, especially in our type of business that has some level of risk. It is just deeply rewarding to us, and JAISIN was able to help us a lot.
Kenneth Cadmus

President, Ride FIIK

We are very complex, we have a lot of moving parts, we are very white-hat, and we like to stay above board. Insurance is one of those things that we can’t not do right. We have to do it right. In this business things happen; a carrier can be in an accident, a carrier can slide into a snow bank, a carrier can run through a hurricane, and things may happen. We need an insurance provider that got the T’s crossed, the I’s dotted, and the documents are all lined up so that we can take care of our consumer and our business customers. If I don’t feel confident that JAISIN’s behind my back and got me covered when something goes wrong, I don’t feel confident selling that service to customers.

True story: I have a friend of my father-in-law who is moving a car (I don’t usually do a lot of single moves like that, but he is my father-in-law’s friend), so I am taking care of him. Here comes an email and he says, “John, what you guys do for insurance? Am I covered?” His name is also John. I said, “John, I have to tell you, I have been in this industry for a long time. With Ship You Car Now and our insurance coverage, I couldn’t be more confident to let you know that if anything happens to your 2014 Chevrolet Corvette that you just spent $49,000 on that I need to now ship from Michigan up to the woods in Minnesota – not sure what you are going to do with it up there, but I am going to ship to the woods in Minnesota – if there is a scratch on your Corvette, don’t worry.” I can say that with complete confidence because of our relationship with JAISIN and that I can trust all the programs and the things they have put in place for us.

Again, whether it’s from a POV like that for a personal move, all the way up to huge corporate contacts that have special insurance requirements, they go to the contracts with us, they help us make sure that we have met all those requirements, they dive into the legal documents and supports us there. I couldn’t ask for a better relationship and it’s those kinds of relationships that make us a great company. You’ve got to choose great partners like JAISIN Insurance Solutions.

John Robertson

Executive Vice President, Ship Your Car Now


Thank YOU for all your expertise in helping us find good house insurance.

Douglas & Patricia Atwater

Jennifer, thanks for being persistent! More work will come your way!

Michael Apap

Dear Jennifer,
I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate you. I can’t remember the last time someone actually fought for me – and worked so hard to put me in the best situation possible. Especially in these trying times, your incredible work ethic and determination to provide me with quality service is commendable! Thank you!

Lisa Rowell

Superb servie and amazing attention to details. Jason really knows his stuff and it shows. I can’t thank you guys enough for all the help!

Mark M

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