Cyberattacks threaten your business operations, revenue stream, intellectual property, client data, and reputation. Protect your company from digital hazards.

  • Cybersecurity was a 2023 hot button for executives, according to Forbes.
  • Grant Thornton’s International Business Report reported that 47% of mid-market leaders surveyed said cyberattacks were an ongoing threat to their business.
  • Hacked once? Expect a return visit. According to IBM’s 2022 Cost of a Data Breach Report, 83% of companies experiencing a data breach were hit multiple times.
  • A 157-year-old college in rural Illinois was forced to close after a ransomware attack locked them out of their data. They never recovered from the lost enrollments and network damage.

What a cyber policy can do for your business

A well-structured cyber policy can help with:

  • Lost income
  • Customer data breach notifications (legally required in most states)
  • Free credit monitoring for affected customers (legally required in most states)
  • Legal defense, state fines, damages, and settlement awards
  • Reputational damage and public relations support
  • Restoration of computers and networks
  • Technology improvements to prevent future hacks

A JAISIN advisor can help you decode complex cyber jargon and match you with a customized policy.

Apply in confidence

Insurance companies will scrutinize your cybersecurity. They’ll ask questions like:

  • How much personal data do you collect and store, including paper files?
  • Do you use antivirus software, strong passwords, and multifactor authentication?
  • Do you have a written cyber incident response plan?

Evaluate your cyber hygiene before submitting your application. We’ll help you prepare and put your best foot forward.

Call us for cyber coverage!

Call your JAISIN advisor for a no-obligation coverage review. Let us help you get coverage that fits your risk and your budget.

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