High-net-worth individuals have spent a lot of time amassing their wealth and building their businesses. This is also an area where traditional insurance strategies can fall short of providing enough coverage to cover all of their assets. If you aren’t sure that your current insurance and risk management strategies are providing enough coverage for your considerable assets, then read our guide on private client solutions below.

What is private client insurance?

Private client insurance are insurance and risk management solutions designed for high-net-worth individuals who have a considerable amount of assets to protect.Often, their assets are valued above the standard coverage limit for most plans, and they require specialized strategies to ensure adequate protection.

Do I need private client insurance?

Whether or not your need private client insurance depends on a number of different factors. If you have a higher income, own upscale assets such as luxury cars, boats, or collectibles, or you are concerned that you are more susceptible to a lawsuit, you may need private client insurance solutions.

How does high-net-worth risk management work?

Your private client insurance advisor will review your current risk management portfolio and search for any existing gaps in coverage or areas where your coverage can be improved. They will then negotiate with your current insurance providers or recommend other companies to provide you the right coverage at the right price.

Why should I use a private client insurance advisor?

You will want to consider working with a private client insurance advisor if:

  • You’re overwhelmed working with multiple insurance advisors or risk managers to cover your assets.
  • You have high-worth assets such as horses, luxury vehicles, fine art, yachts, high-end homes, etc.
  • You are concerned that you are vulnerable to a potential lawsuit.
  • Your assets exceed your current insurance policies’ maximum coverage limit.
  • You feel that your risk management strategy isn’t adequate for your life situation.


You’ve spent time, money, and energy building your wealth; why risk having sub-par coverage that could leave you high and dry if something goes wrong? An advisor who specializes in private client insurance will help put your mind at ease and your assets under protection. They will take the time you can’t to analyze your portfolio, your assets, and your business for potential risks and opportunities to save money on your existing coverage.

The advisors at JAISIN Insurance Solutions have years of experience working with high-net-worth clients and their families. Click or call JAISIN Insurance Solutions today to talk with one of our professional private client advisors, and ask for a quote today.

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